Animal Rights 2002

Animal Rights 2002 is our movement’s first national conference since the terrible tragedy of September 11 and its aftermath. It is dedicated to exposing and challenging the terror perpetrated every day against billions of innocent, sentient nonhuman animals.

Animal Rights 2002 is a forum for sharing motivation, knowledge, and contacts. It brings our entire movement together under the banner of total animal liberation from human oppression. No viewpoint or faction that supports this goal will be excluded. No attack on any organization or individual who supports this goal will be tolerated. We are determined to make the most of this historic event, to learn, to network, to plan, to enjoy. Our program reflects this determination.


The five-day program will feature 120 presenters from every faction of our movement. They will present at five Plenary Sessions, 100 Workshops, 50 Campaign Reports, and 16 Rap Sessions. Other functions will include 80 Exhibits, 100 Videos, Newcomer Orientation, Welcome Reception, Evening Receptions, Awards Banquet, US Animal Rights Hall of Fame, Planning Meetings, Group Workouts, Employment Clearinghouse, and a March on Washington.

The conference program will begin with the Welcome Reception on Friday, June 28, between 7 – 10 pm. The full schedule will commence on Saturday at 9 am with Newcomer Orientation(for folks attending their first conference), as well as Workshops, Rap Sessions, Exhibits, and Videos.

Workshops, Rap Sessions, Campaign Reports will run between 9 am – 1 pm and 2 – 6 pm on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and 9am – 1pm on Wednesday. The Plenary Sessionswill run between 7:30 – 10pm, leaving ample time to socialize and network at the Evening Receptions. The closing Plenary on Wednesday will run between 2:30 – 5 pm, immediately after the Planning Meetings that will provide structured networking opportunities for activists with different interests

The 100 workshops will be configured along three tracks: Problems/Issues, Organizing, and Remedies. The Problems/Issues track (listed first in each time slot) will document various types of animal abuses and discuss the underlying issues. The Organizing track (listed second) will deal with improving personal and organizational effectiveness. The Remedies track (listed third) will address campaign strategies and outreach to various constituencies. Rap Sessions (listed last in each time slot on Saturday and Sunday) will involve participants in heated debates about controversial issues. Campaign Reports (listed last on Monday and Tuesday) will provide accounts of recent or continuing campaigns

Some 80 Exhibits of movement merchandise, display materials, and literature will be open between 9am – 6pm on Saturday – Tuesday and 9am – 1pm on Wednesday in the centrally located Exhibit Atrium. The Videos will be shown concurrently in the Video Theater.

Each day will start with two different Group Workouts at 7:30am. The Employment Clearinghouse will match applicants with prospective employers throughout the conference.

The Field Activities will be take place on Monday afternoon, preempting other programs. One group will lobby on Capitol Hill. Another will hold a silent vigil at the local Neiman Marcus outlet. A third will blanket the nation’s capital with leafleting teams.

The Awards Banquet, with “Celebrity Animal Advocate of the Year” awards to actress Charlotte Ross and wrestling champion Bill Goldberg as well as the induction to the US Animal Rights Hall of Fame, will be held Tuesday between 7:30 – 10 pm.

Program Schedule

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  • Natasha Allas (Former Miss World USA)
  • Sara Amundson (Doris Day Animal League)
  • Wendy Anderson (Animal Legal Defense Fund)
  • Julie Andrzejewski (St Cloud State University)
  • Matt Ball (Vegan Outreach)
  • Martin Balluch (Austrian Vegetarian Society)
  • Norbert Banholzer (FARM)
  • Tracy Basile (Animal Welfare Trust)
  • Gene Bauston (Farm Sanctuary)
  • Lorri Bauston (Farm Sanctuary)
  • Josephine Bellaccomo (Action Dynamics)
  • Trina Bellak (American Horse Defense Fund)
  • Alan Berger (Animal Protection Institute)
  • Jordan Berger (MPEBand)
  • Steve Best (University of Texas (El Paso))
  • Laurelee Blanchard (FARM)
  • Michael Budkie (Stop Animal Exploitation Now!)
  • Andrew Butler (PETA)
  • Dana Campbell (Animal Legal Defense Fund)
  • Matt Campbell (Animal activist)
  • Theo Capaldo (New England Antivivisection Society)
  • Judy Carman (Author “Veggie Soup Chicken’s Soul”)
  • Cindy Carroccio (Director, Austin Zoo)
  • Lawrence Carter-Long (Animal Protection Institute)
  • Dawn Casteel-Lorick (GaiaWolf)
  • Alka Chandna (Food & Social Justice Project)
  • Chas Chiodo (Vegetarian Events)
  • Sarah Clifton (Fund For Animals)
  • Robert Cohen (Dairy Education Board)
  • Joyce D’Silva (Compassion in World Farming)
  • Karen Davis (United Poultry Concerns)
  • Karen Dawn (DawnWatch)
  • Ann De Greef (GAIA (Belgium))
  • Sean Diener (Utah Animal Rights Coalition)
  • Christine Dorchak (Grey2K-USA)
  • Joan Dunayer (Author “Animal Equality”)
  • Suzanne Elliott (EarthSave International)
  • Don Elroy (Tennessee Network for Animals)
  • Debra Erenberg (The ETHIC)
  • David Favre (Animal Legal Defense Fund)
  • Mary Finelli (Farmed Animal Watch)
  • Camilla Fox (Animal Protection Institute)
  • Josh Frank (FIREPAW)
  • Pam Frank (FIREPAW)
  • Lester Friedlander (Former USDA Veterinarian)
  • Joyce Friedman (In Defense of Animals)
  • Bruce Friedrich (PETA)
  • Jane Garrison (PETA)
  • Caryn Ginsberg (Int’l Institute for Humane Education)
  • Bill Goldberg (Wrestling champion)
  • JP Goodwin (Humane Society of the US)
  • Ray Greek (Nat’l Anti-Vivisection Society)
  • Michael Greger (Physician, lecturer)
  • Diane Halverson (Animal Welfare Institute)
  • Sandra Hannen (World Vision)
  • Joe Haptas (PETA)
  • Winona Hauter (Public Citizen)
  • Holly Hazard (Doris Day Animal League)
  • Alex Hershaft (FARM)
  • Steve Hindi (SHARK)
  • AR Hogan (Animal activist)
  • Louise Holton (Alley Cat Rescue)
  • Michael Hudak (Sierra Club)
  • Maggie Jane (MPEBand)
  • Kevin Jonas (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty)
  • Pattrice Jones (Global Hunger Alliance)
  • Roberta Kalechofsky (Jews for Animal Rights)
  • Elliot Katz (In Defense of Animals)
  • John Kullberg (Wildlife Land Trust)
  • Sangeeta Kumar (Towards Freedom)
  • Mindy Kursban (PCRM)
  • Patrick Kwan (Student Animal Rights Alliance)
  • Greg Lawson (Vegetarian Soc. of El Paso)
  • Jeff Leitner (Fund For Animals)
  • Robert Leonard (Delaware Action for Animals)
  • Julie Lewin (Nt’l Institute for Animal Advocacy)
  • Katherine Lewis (American Anti-Vivisection Scociety)
  • EC Lorick (GaiaWolf)
  • Howard Lyman (EarthSave International)
  • Mike Markarian (Fund for Animals)
  • Jim Mason (Co-founder, Animals Agenda)
  • Crystal Miller (American Antivivisection Society)
  • John Morlino (The ETHIC)
  • Peter Muller (League of Humane Voters)
  • Dan Murphy (Meat Marketing & Technology)
  • Daphna Nachminovich (PETA)
  • Tina Nelson (American Anti-Vivisection Scociety)
  • Ingrid Newkirk (PETA)
  • Lydia Nichols (Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade)
  • Robert Nixon (Humane Political Action Committee)
  • Tony Nocella (Houston Animal Rights Team)
  • Jack Norris (Vegan Outreach)
  • lauren Ornelas (Viva!USA)
  • Wayne Pacelle (Humane Society of the US)
  • Nicole Paquette (Animal Protection Institute)
  • Miyun Park (Compassion Over Killing)
  • Nancy Perry (Humane Society of the US)
  • Peter Petersan (Compassion Over Killing)
  • Norm Phelps (Fund for Animals)
  • Heidi Prescott (Fund for Animals)
  • David Pryor (VegSolutions)
  • Mary Lou Randour (PSYETA)
  • Tom Regan (Culture and Animals Foundation)
  • Tracy Reiman (PETA)
  • Adam Roberts (Soc. Animal Protective Legislation)
  • Craig Rosebraugh (Former spokesperson ELF)
  • Matt Rossell (In Defense of Animals)
  • Nathan Runkle (Mercy for Animals)
  • Dan Shannon (PETA)
  • Ken Shapiro (PSYETA)
  • Paul Shapiro (Compassion Over Killing)
  • Brenda Shoss (Kinship Circle)
  • Hans/Coby Siegenthaler (Grassroots activists)
  • EJ Simpson (MPEBand)
  • Peter Singer (Author “Animal Liberation”)
  • Dean Smith (Veteran activist)
  • Kim Sproul (Naturopath, author)
  • Barbara Stagno (In Defense of Animals)
  • Kim Stallwood (Animals Agenda)
  • Veda Stram (Animals Voice)
  • Mark Sutton (CyberEarth Productions)
  • Pierce Ternay (MPEBand)
  • Michelle Thew (BUAV)
  • Joyce Tischler (Animal Legal Defense Fund)
  • Will Tuttle (Karuna Music)
  • Lorraine Twerdok (American Petroleum Institute)
  • Elizabeth Usher (Australian Assn for Humane Rsrch)
  • Jerry Vlasak (Animal Defense League)
  • Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd International)
  • Zoe Weil (Int’l Institute for Humane Education)
  • Erin Williams (In Defense of Animals)
  • Christine Wolf (Fund For Animals)
  • Marji Zintz (GaiaWolf)